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Wire Rope 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 set Packaging Details : Electrical, hoist and other parts packed by high quality plywood crate; Beams packed by rain proof plastic cloth
Delivery Time : 20 days Payment Terms : L/C, T/T
Supply Ability : 4 sets
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Silence
Certification: ISO CE Model Number: MH

Detail Information

Max. Lifting Height: 30M Or More Condition: New
Lifting Mechanism: Wire Rope Electric Hoist Motor: Nanjing Special Brand
Electrics: Chint Brand Power Source: 3 Phase 380V 50hz
High Light:

5 Ton Travelling Gantry Crane


Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane

Product Description

Henan Silence 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane Workshop Supply On Sale


Product presentation


1. MH type electric hoist gantry crane usually USES conical brake motor as lifting and operating use, reduction device adopts gear reduction drive;


The whole machine is equipped with lifting, lowering limit switch, trolley travel switch, handle button, overload limiter and other accessories.

2. MH type electric hoist gantry crane is forbidden to be used in inflammable, explosive and corrosive medium environment.

3. The main beam of MH type electric hoist gantry crane can be suspended unidirectional and bidirectional, and the main beam structure has truss structure and box beam structure;


The construction cost can be greatly reduced through the reasonable design of girder structure and the selection of suitable girder structure.

Points for attention of walking mechanism

The walking mechanism of gantry crane is an important load-bearing mechanism of gantry crane. All the weight of gantry crane is on the walking mechanism.


The morality of walking mechanism requires the running mechanism on both sides to run synchronously so as to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

The sliding mechanism of gantry crane often has the accidents of falling off the road, driving wheel slipping or idling, resulting in unilateral sports car of crane, distortion of crane frame, even collapse of crane frame, sudden sinking of one side of the walking mechanism, resulting in toppling accident of crane slide, damage of walking wheel and damage of transmission mechanism.

Gantry crane travel agencies should be inspected before every day, the driver on duty in front of the bus first inspection on direction mechanism of metal frame, and then to test drive and walk road wheel found abnormal deformation, welding, leak, circuit and other anomalies should be timely maintenance.


And according to the time limit for lubrication and maintenance, drivers get on the bus should be empty after the test run, and check for rigger cooperate, observing the condition of the empty car running, especially on both sides of the direction institutions of synchronization and the workings of driving wheel.


Installation Precautions

1. With different tonnage of gantry cranes, the requirements of rails and foundations required for installation are also different.So try to match.

2. The gantry crane has a large span, so it needs to pay attention to the Angle in the installation process. The assembly process of each part needs to be in a horizontal plane.

3. The foundation should be firmly laid, otherwise the gantry crane will tilt.The foundation must meet the specified requirements and be high on the overall configuration.

4. The track should be processed in strict accordance with the standard, otherwise the gantry crane will be deformed under heavy pressure, causing secondary friction and prone to accidents.

5. When the gantry crane is installed, it is required to conduct air operation and ground operation test, and do compressive test for its overload.

Safe operation

1. Gantry crane operators need to undergo professional training;

2. Wear safety measures during the whole process;

3. The personnel on duty must have special operation qualification;

4. During the operation of gantry crane, technicians are required to provide on-site guidance;

5. Detailed comparison of drawings is required for each installation;

6. Welding personnel must be proficient in each process;

7. If the main beam of gantry crane is installed, construction personnel should pay attention to safety at high altitude;

8. Safety net should be provided outside to avoid personnel dropping;

9, gantry crane components should be frequently checked for abnormal conditions;

10. When hoisting lifting parts, ensure that the limited load capacity cannot be exceeded;

11. Gantry cranes shall strictly comply with the standard of not hoisting;


Product details

Wire Rope 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane 0

Wire Rope 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane 1

Technical parameters

Wire Rope 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane 2

Mechanism   Item Unit Result
Lifting capacity ton 3.2-32
Lifting height m 6 9
Span m 12-30m
Working environment temperature °C -20~40
Traveling mechanism Traveling speed Ground m/min 20
Controlling Room 20
Lifting mechanism lifting speed m/min 8 0.8/8 7 0.7/7 3.5 3
traveling speed 20
working system A5
power source three-phase 380V 50HZ


Shipping and packaging


Wire Rope 5 Ton Overhead Travelling Gantry Crane 3


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