Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Silence
Certification: ISO CE
Model Number: BZ
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Electrical, hoist and other parts packed by high quality plywood crate; Beams packed by rain proof plastic cloth.
Delivery Time: 15 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets

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Crane Feature: Safety Rotation Angle: 360 Degree
Type: JIB Arm Crane Control Method: Electric
Color: Customer's Requirements Hoist: Provide
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Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane


5 Ton Jib Boom Crane

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China Online Supplier 5 Ton Hot Sale Rotary Arm Crane Pillar Fixed Jib Boom Crane



Product presentation


BZD type jib crane has the characteristics of simple structure, easy operation, small space and large operation range.


It is widely used in the material lifting operations in the production line, assembly line, assembly line, warehouse, dock, laboratory and other occasions of modern industry such as machinery manufacturing, automobile, shipbuilding and so on.


It is an ideal lifting equipment for enterprises to improve efficiency and working conditions.

BZD type jib crane belongs to light and intermediate work system, rated workload for 0.25T, 0.5T, 1T, 2T, 3T, 5T six specifications.


According to the needs of the job to choose different specifications of the crane and lifting speed and operating speed.


The machine has two control modes: electric rotary and manual rotary.


The rotation Angle of the rotating arm can be 180°, 270°, 345°, 360° and other different angles according to the needs of the use place





1, first of all, fixed column type cantilever crane is specially made for modern production and manufacturing, the reliability is very high and in the short distance of production has a great advantage, even if people frequent operation is not easy to occur damage phenomenon.

2. Secondly, fixed column cantilever crane brings great convenience to people, improves work efficiency, greatly reduces working pressure, and can also play a role in energy conservation and environmental protection.

3, fixed column cantilever crane in the use of more flexible and convenient, even if the failure problem, maintenance is also relatively easy, and because of its structural performance advantages, the equipment will not take up too much land area.



Use and maintenance:



1. Operators shall strictly abide by the crane operation rules, and overload use is not allowed.

2. Terminal baffles are not allowed to be used as a common parking method.

3. The chain or steel rope binding the heavy objects must have sufficient strength and be tied firmly and reliably. The rope or chain should be padded around the sharp Angle of the heavy objects.

4. Lifting and moving of heavy objects should be carried out in a vertical way. Electric hoist is not allowed to drag or forcibly lift heavy objects buried in the ground.

5, lifting heavy objects above is strictly prohibited, pedestrians are prohibited below.

6. When finishing work or taking a rest, do not hang heavy objects in the air.

7. Add lubricating oil to rotating parts every six months.

8. according to the situation after use, regularly brush off the frame beam, rotary parts of the beam under the wing surface (walking track) accumulation, the frame paint can be spalling rebrush or rebrush..


Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane 0.


Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane 1


Technical parameters

Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane 2

Lifting Capacity (T) 0.25 0.5 1 2 3 5
Maximum radius of rotation Rmax(mm) 4500 4500 4500 4000 4000 4000
Minimum radius of rotation R/min(mm) 800 (manual operation)
1050 (motor-driven)
900 (manual operation)
1140 (manual operation)
1380(motor-driven) 1400(motor-driven)
Lifting height h(mm) Generally 3000
Total height H(mm) 4180 4200 4280 4700 4950 5150
Arm Length L(mm) 4950 4950 5000 4570 4600 4650
Lifting speed(m/min) 7.1 6.8/2.3 6.9/2.3 6.8/2.3 8/0.8 8/0.8
Horizontal speed (m/min) General speed 20/low speed1~10 variable frequency
Rotation angle 180°,270°,360°
Voltage 220~460V 50/60HZ 3PH





Modern industry Production line, Assembly line of machining, Automobile industry, shipbuilding and Material lifting and warehouse, wharf, Laboratory.


It`s an optimal lifting equipment for enterprise to improve work efficiency and working conditions.

1. The capacity: _____ton.

2. The lifting height: ____m.

3. The arm length: ___m.

4. The power supply: ____P____V____Hz.

5. The working condition?

6. The crane, informs the for?



Installation Precautions


1. When installing the collector ring and other components in the column, necessary measures should be taken (such as tying with rope in advance) to prevent accidental falling into the column.

2. If the machine is installed and used outside, it shall be equipped with reliable rainproof measures.


After assembling and assembling the beam and column of the rotary arm, it shall make the roller fit well with the raceway, the rotary arm can rotate flexibly around the column 360°, Adjust the adjusting washer so that the end of the rotary arm beam reaches the upper deflection F≥R/250 (R is the radius of rotation).


Rotary Arm Jib Boom Crane 3


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